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We apologize for our lack of posts this week. Unfortunately, our Business Director (and my boyfriend), Ryan Petersen was struck by a car on Thursday night. Luckily, he survived the collision. However, the accident broke both of his legs, resulting in the amputation of his right leg below the knee. He is still at Parkland, Dallas awaiting a few more surgeries. We are all staying positive and trying our hardest to keep smiling. 

This should be a long and painful recovery for Ryan. However, The Proj3ct still has plans to blow your mind. We’ve now decided to take our project in another direction, revealing details at a later date. Make sure you stay posted…I promise not to neglect you ever again. 


If you’ve ever met Joey Schaefer, you can probably imagine exactly what his house looks like. It’s an older house, resting right behind Dallas’ Good Records. There’s a mini-van parked out front, and a giant pit-bull coming to greet me at the door. This place is seriously cluttered. Not cluttered in a bad way, cluttered in an interesting way. Schaefer leads us through a maze of an art studio. I step over a broken baby gate and into the back yard. Schaefer lights a cigarette and says, “Let’s do this, man.” He has been harboring his talent, and waiting for an opportunity to unleash his art on the public since he moved back from New York. I suddenly understand that this dude is for real, man. “[He’s] not asking to be cool…This is what [he] has to do.” 

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In my art, I’m trying to figure out what keeps me separate from other people.
J.Schaefer, “Life After Survival”

Since it’s technically Monday, October 10…I’m giving you a sneak-peak into Project Schaefer15. Get excited.

Help us make art happen.